Productivity Tools: Another Look

I want to share a couple of new tools that have been refined since my first post on Need Help Getting Things Done?. The Getting Things Done system is powerful enough to use with just paper lists. You really don’t have to use electronic tools. But I love technology and enjoy finding the “best fit” to what I am doing. I have recently shifted from Toodledo to Nirvana for my GTD list manager. Nirvana is elegant, robust and has all the elements for the GTD set up as I use it. If you are a hardcore GTDer, I recommend this program highly. The Nirvana developers and support community are top notch.

A couple of new REALLY good capture tools for the iPhone, iPad or any IOS device have been released. Captio is the tool I currently use. It is fast and simple. You type in the information and hit send. It will send the note to any email account you desire. I set my Captio to send the item to the Nirvana inbox. You could use the same set up to send your captured information to any program that accepts emailed tasks.

If you want more options for your captured information take a look at Drafts. Extensive output options let you send text to Twitter, Facebook,, email, SMS, a Calendar event, quickly save it to Dropbox or Evernote.

Regardless of whether you are using GTD, another system, or no system; you may want to take another look at Wunderlist 2 as a capable To Do list. This is a free online program that comes with a desktop version to download and sync with your online account. The first thing you notice is how beautiful and simple this program is. The online version is just as responsive and just as pretty as the desktop. I recommend you give it a spin. It’s FREE. You can sign up or log in here. To download the desktop program and get additional information, go here.

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