Where are the worksheets?

If you need the bankruptcy worksheet to fill out for the Chapter 7 proceeding, you can find the link on the Bankruptcy page of my website under the photo. Here is the direct Link.  If you are coming in for an Initial Consultation and want to have a heads up on being ready to discuss your case, here is the direct link to the various Intake Form Worksheets. Fill out the Intake Form that corresponds to your legal issue. If you don’t know which Form to use, use the General Intake form. The link is also found on the first page of my website in the lower right sidebar. You can bring the completed form with you, or just fill one out when you come in for your Initial Consultation. I know some you may be coming in during your work hours and having this ready will give us more time to discuss your case.

For more information contact me. www.candito.com

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